Wedding photographer Netherlands.

I absolutely love photographing weddings! Weddings are always full of love and happiness. And as a photographer I love to capture pure and real emotions.

This time I was photographing a wedding of Oksana and Bogdan. Who are my friends. And I was very honoured when they have chosen me as a photographer for their big day.

They decided to have their wedding ceremony at a very beautiful place in The Hague called Old City Hall. Which is located on the Groenmarkt near the Grote Kerk. This place used to be a former seat of the city’s government and now is used for wedding ceremonies.  This building isn’t only beautiful from it’s facade, but inside interior doesn’t not concede to the outside. It’s built in the Renaissance style and has a lot from that era.

After the ceremony and photo shoot inside of the Old City Hall, we moved to another location to celebrate this beautiful day when two people gave a commitment to be devoted to each other until the rest of their lives. The dinner took place at the restaurant at the Westbroekpark. And after that we had a photo shoot at the Rosarium. We were very lucky with the time of the year, Rosarium was full of roses different kinds. Many of them were red and white which match the dress of the bride perfectly. We had a nice walk at the Westbroekpark and stopped at the nicest spots for the photos.

Below you can see the result of that beautiful wedding day.

Wedding photographer Netherlands, Aleksandra Striapunina