Ballerina photography

I am very excited to share this beautiful ballerina photography photo shoot with you.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to work with a professional ballet dancer Naira Agvanean who is dancing at the Dutch National Ballet and Opera.

That was my first time doing ballerina photography and I was a little bit nervous before the photo shoot. I didn’t have any specific plan in advance. I only knew that I would like to have the photo shoot somewhere in the center of Amsterdam. Because Naira is dancing and living in Amsterdam and I also think that the canals and old houses of Amsterdam are the best background for this kind of photo shoot. Plus according to my personal taste nothing can be better than the natural light in photography. So if the Dutch weather allows me, I am always trying to convince my clients to go out of the studio and have a photo shoot outdoors 🙂

So we met at the studio. Naira brought two very beautiful dresses with her. The golden one that you can see on the photos is a very old dress that she borrowed for a photo shoot. In this dress prima ballerinas are dancing for years in the ballet “Cinderella”.

During the photo shoot Naira got a lot of attention. Which is understandable, right? How often do you see a beautiful girl on the pointe shoes dancing in the center of Amsterdam? Many people were photographing and filming her. But she stayed a professional. Many years on stage teach her not to pay attention to the people around you. And she was just dancing and dancing.. And I kept taking and taking photos.. 🙂