Prices Portrait Photography

Wedding photography
My price for wedding photography starts from 400 euro for 3 hours. This price includes taking photos of the ceremony and the photo shoot afterwards. If there is enough time, then I can also photograph the preparation or one hour of the dinner/party.
If you would like to have a longer photo shoot with me, then please send me an email.
Lingerie photography
My price for lingerie photography starts from 270 euro excl BTW for two hours.
For more info and exact price you can send me an email with the short description and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
* Photoshop retouch gives a finishing touch to the picture and includes colour correction, skin correction (removing all the imperfections, making sking smooth and without any blemishes or spots), if needed, making some parts of the body smaller and applying different effects which make the photo look more interesting.
Extra Photoshop retouch costs 20 euro per picture.

Not everyone can afford to have a photo shoot, but everyone wants to have beautiful pictures of themselves. That’s why I decided to make it more affordable for everyone and organize a photo shooting day when you will have a chance to have a photo shoot including professional make up for just 100 euro!

We will meet in Amstel Park at 17th of July and the make up artist will do the make up for you.

Then we are going to start with the photo shoot. 

The photo shoot including the make up will last one and a half hour. In the end you will receive around 100 edited and ready to use photos and one picture will be retouched in Photoshop. You can bring two different clothing sets in which you would like to be photographed. If you would like to have a studio photo shoot, please avoid completely white or black colours in your wardrobe.

You can choose from a love story photo shoot with your partner, or a family shoot, business, portrait, lingerie, kids, everything is possible

If you want to participate in this event, please send me an email to