Portrait photography in Switzerland.

How to do portrait photography in Switzerland during the snow storm!

I’m happy to share with you photos from my recent portrait session that took place in Switzerland.
I usually always suggest to my photography clients to have a photo shoot outdoors, instead of the studio, because I think that in the nature we have a lot more possibilities for taking pictures, than inside, especially it applies for portrait photography in Switzerland. Plus I love natural light the most and trying to use it as much as I can for my photography.
So in that day there were no signs of trouble. I took a train from Zurich to Basel (that’s the place where the shoot was taking place) and half way to my final destination it first started to rain very heavily, and then the closer we were getting, the stronger the storm was and then the snowsotrm began! My panic was rising, because when I saw the weather forecast few days before the shoot, which predicted snow that day, I went to all the photography shops in Zurich, looking for a protection bag for the camera against the snow, and none of them had it. Then in the day of the photo shoot my client called me and reassured me that in their area is very sunny and no clouds, so I relaxed and thought that weather forecast can also be wrong.. I just didn’t know yet, that weather in Switzerland can change in a blink of an eye.
So.. On one side I had a client who just came after the salon where her make up and hair were done and who got this photo shoot as a birthday present from her mom and was waiting for me, and on the other side I had a heavy snow storm in which nothing was seen in arm’s length and even no protetion bag for my camera.. Well, at that moment I understood that it’s definetely going to be an interesting photo shoot and started to brainstorm what can I do in such weather conditions.. Pros were that finally I’m having a unique chance to capture some snow (with our global warming I haven’t seen the snow for almost 3 years or even longer), cons were that I didn’t have much clue how to work in blizzard! Since I’m from Russian originally, I knew very well how to survive 7 months in a year, when it’s snowing every single day, but how to work..?
When I arrived to my destination, it was snowing even harder and the wind was knocking me off my feet.. But I have seen the light in the end of the tunnel, when I saw the client’s house. House had a big garden with trees in the front and there was even the roof (what a lucky conincidence!) above the terrace! So I asked for a plastic bag and a scrunchy and built myself a protection “bag” for my camera and we started to work 🙂 First we have chosen outfits that we were going to use for the photo shoot, then we were hiding under the roof of the house and when the wind was quiting down, we were running to the garden, my awesome model (who is also from Russia by the way, which means that from the moment she is born she has a cold resistance:)) was taking off her winter jacket, I was putting a hand-made sheafth around my camera and we were taking pictures pretending that it’s very nice and sunny outside :)))
Luckily the weather was on our side that day and after one hour snow stopped and I could continue taking pictures in more normal conditions..:) What a relief! 🙂
I have to say that I competely fell in love with this beautiful model. She knew very well how to pose and felt very comfortable in front of the camera. So I really enjoyed working with this amazing girl and despite of adverse weather conditions, the result that we got, exceeded my expectations.
If you would like to have a session of portrait photography in Switzerland with me, then simply send me an email.