I love to create the whole scenario of the photo shoot and sometimes when I can’t find the right garments I do them myself. Creative photo shoots are something really magical to me, especially if you are working with the right team, I love seeing the transformation of the model from a girl next door into a queen of darkness. If every participant of the team knows his job good, then the result of the shoot will be really outstanding!
I have to say that I’m still looking for my style in photography. The fine art/creative photos I take are depending on my mood. Sometimes I take pictures of the girl who turned into vampire and dedicate this photo shoot to a domestic violence and another time I take a photo shoot with lots of flower crowns at the cherry blossoms garden. And I love it, I love to be different in what I’m doing, that helps me to develop myself as an artist and in the end find my own style.
Through my photography I express and understand myself as well. Some of my photoshoots where I was showing the themes that meant a lot to me, helped me to heal the wounds and to resolve some of my inner conflicts. And while having them exhibited in the galleries and hearing the feedbacks from the people, I realised that if at least one person could feel the same that I was feeling while looking at my photos, then everything I do isn’t for nothing.
If you are interested to have a creative photoshoot with me, drop me a message or give me a call. You can find my contact details here.