Photographer Amsterdam.

In this blog post I would like to share with you a portrait photo shoot with a very beautiful and incredibly photo genic girl Yana that took place in Amsterdam.

I planned our photo shoot in my favourite Amstel Park.

We were incredibly lucky this time not only with the beauty of the nature which can be found in this park all year long. But also with picking up the right time of a year for a photo shoot, because a lot of flowers were blossoming. And of course I couldn’t resist and not to photograph Yana in my favourite style: surrounded by as many flowers as possible 🙂

It’s the second time that I have a photo shoot with Yana and I still can not stop admiring how photo genic she is. From what angle I would not photographed her, she always looked amazing!

That was one of the photo shoots, when while post proceeding the images I couldn’t delete almost any 🙂 And doing the best selection for my blog and website wasn’t very easy as well.

I hope you enjoy this shoot.

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