Photo shoot with DJ and producer Aplusplus.

Photo shoot with DJ and producer Aplusplus who is arguably one of the most played producers in techno music.

Alex aka A++ was born in Romania and currently based in Amsterdam.

You can hear his great tracks in the popular club Sugar Factory in the center of Amsterdam where he is often performing or check him online:

I absolutely love working with people who have creative professions. It always feels with them that we are on the same vibe and the whole photo shoot goes ¬†very smooth and fun. And Alex wasn’t an exception. It was very easy to work with him. He was very open to all of my ideas. We even used a projector that he brought with him. I always wanted to try the projection photography, but never really had a chance. And finally that chance found me.

So in this post I am very happy to share with you the result from my creative portrait photo shoot with A++.