Natural light and outdoor portrait photography

In this article I would like to share with you why I am a big fan of the natural light and outdoor portrait photography. And why outdoor beats the indoor ūüôā

First of¬†all¬†I am deeply in love with natural light. I think that artificial light, as often used in studios, shows imperfections and brings them more to the front than natural light outside, when talking about portrait photography.¬†Of course¬†I love to use¬†my studio¬†for beauty or fashion photo shoots with professional¬†make up. But for general portrait photo’s of “normal” people, as I call people who are like you and I, and know about modeling only from watching fashion magazines, natural light works the best. It helps to bring their best sides to the front and hide all the imperfections.

Further, I love the variety of backgrounds and scenery I can use¬†for outdoor portrait photography.¬†Whether¬†it’s a shoot in the city center, or in the forest, there are always a lot of options to play with and make the photos come out a lot more interesting than using only plain and boring studio backgrounds.

Thirdly, outdoor portrait¬†photography gives me endless variations for poses of my clients. Even by just shooting the person from the front and asking him or her to turn 180 degrees, you will get already 2 different photos with completely different light and surroundings. And now imagine how many interesting and cool photos it’s possible to make in 2 hours? ūüôā (Two hours is the usual duration of my photo shoots).

And last not least, according to my experience clients feel the most comfortable outside. If people don’t have any experience in modeling, then studio lights usually scare them and it takes a lot longer to get the best photos, than when I‚Äôm shooting outdoors. When I have my¬†shoots¬†outside, we just have a nice walk and I get to know my clients better. When I see a nice spot, I ask them to look at¬†me,¬†and simply take the picture. So they don’t even realise that the job is done¬†already¬†ūüôā Believe me, the photos come out¬†a lot more natural and with real emotions.

I could keep talking a lot more about why I am so deeply in love with natural light and outdoor photography, but¬†as they say:¬†a picture¬†is worth a thousand words. That’s why I would like to share with¬†you my¬†recent portrait photo shoot with Katya who has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, as a brilliant example why outdoor beats the indoor¬†photography¬†ūüôā

This photo shoot took place in my favorite Park in Amsterdam, the Amstel Park.

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