Noize Suppressor through my camera

I am very excited to share the result from the photoshoot with one of my favourite Hardcore DJ’s Noize Suppressor.

My interest to photography and Hardcore appeared almost at the same time. Both of them emerged when I moved to Holland 4 years ago.

As you can imagine, in the military village close to Syberia nobody ever heard about Hardcore. As well as while living in Russia I could never imagine to connect my life with art. But that is a different story 🙂

So, while I was perfecting and polishing my photography skills, the desire to have a photo shoot with Noize Suppressor kept increasing. For me as a photographer it was impossible not to dream to photograph the people I admire and who’s music often plays in my speakers.

In August this year I had a chance to meet this great DJ during the party and was brave enough to give him my business card and invite to the photoshoot.

Just a few weeks later we made it happen. That day I had a full day wedding photoshoot in Rotterdam. As soon as I was done there I hurried up back to Amsterdam. Where my dream shoot with Noize Suppressor was about to happen:)

On the way back, while sitting in the train, I started to feel excited. I guess many people feel the same when there wishes come true.

And this feeling comes back when I look at this photos. It’s a really wonderful sensation when you make happen something that you really wanted.

More of my men portfolio.