Engagement photo shoot in Amsterdam.

Here you can see the result from my recent engagement photo shoot in Amsterdam with this beautiful love birds.

I absolutely love working  with people who are in love! You can always see that special shine in their eyes and their smiles can illuminate half of the city.

Tatjana and Don wanted to have a pre engagement photo shoot with me.

And it was so easy and fun to work with these love birds. Sometimes I need to guide my couples and tell them how to stand, how to hug and kiss each other, how to look in each other eyes. But with those two I didn’t have to say anything. From the very beginning of our love story photo shoot they were interacting with each other perfectly and it seemed that they completely forgot about my presence there 🙂 I only had to look for a good spot in terms of background and light, and the rest they were perfectly managing themselves.

In the middle of the photo shoot Don leaned on his knee and proposed to Tatjana to marry him and she said YES! 🙂 All observes including me who witnessed a born of a new family had tears in their eyes and met this wonderful news with applause.

I wish them only the best and hope that they can bring that beautiful shine of love which you can see on every single picture through many years!

Natalia Bakeyeva as a MUAH and Larisa Radchenko as a designer of the long dress helped to create this beautiful look of Tatjana.

http://www.visage.guru is the website of Natalia

https://tzarienafashion.com and here you can see the masterpieces of Larisa.