Photoshoot on the roof.

I can not wait to share with you the result of my recent editorial photoshoot on the roof of the W Hotel in Amsterdam with the gorgeous lady Michelle Verpuggi who has an amazing life energy and combines in herself many talents. This girl is very multilateral and manages at the same time to be a model, successful blogger, stylist and reporter. So she is not only modelled that day, but also did the whole styling for the photo shoot. You can visit her blog:

We planned to have this photo shoot for a long time already, but due to our busy schedules we couldn’t pick up the day.  And then when the day was finally chosen, I started to think about the location where I would like to have this photo shoot.

First I wanted to have it in the center of Amsterdam to show on the pictures the vibes of the old part of the city, then I was thinking about some other spots and only the day before the photo shoot I remembered about the W hotel which is one of my favorite places in Amsterdam. And that was the best decision I made! I am so much in love with how the photos came out. Only that location gives you a chance to have the whole Amsterdam on the picture as well as the swimming pool at once.

It was so much fun to work with Michelle! We had a click during the photo shoot, so we were done a lot earlier than we thought and stayed longer at the W lounge to celebrate our successful photo shoot with a glass of wine 🙂