Black and white photoshoot

In this blog post I would like to share with you the result from my recent black and white photoshoot.

I absolutely love black and white photography! I think that black and white gives a very sensitive touch to the pictures and makes them more deeper than their colourful version.

This time I had black and white photo shoot with a talented artist Lola Palmer from Ukraine who is currently based in Amsterdam.  Lola is a DJ, musician and a producer. Her music can be found at .

In the day of our photo shoot Amsterdam welcomed us with it’s usual grey sky and raining cats and dogs. We were thinking to cancel our shoot, but because of our busy schedules the next available day for the shoot would be in one month. Which was too late for the release of new album of Lola for which she wanted to use the photos. So we went ahead despite the full beauty of the Dutch climate 🙂

We were sitting and sipping our coffees for a few hours at one of my favourite places in Amsterdam, W hotel. Which bar, Mr Porter, has an outstanding view over the whole city centre. And during short breaks of the rain we were running to the terrace, taking a few very quick shots and running back inside as quick as possible to not harm her make up and my camera.

I think considering very bad weather conditions we had to deal with, we got not the worst results from this black and white photoshoot 🙂