meMy name is Aleksandra. I was born in cold Russia, not far away from Siberia, where the temperature in the winter can go below 35. So I know the feeling when the frozen clothes is ‘knocking’ on the balcony door 🙂 My interest to photography started to develop in the age of 16. That was the time when I got my first camera. And it kept growing more and more over the years and eventually turned into my profession.
I love completely different photography genres. I love doing glamour, fashion, portrait, family, wedding, event, nature, etc photography. Maybe that is way it’s never boring for me. Because every assignment I have is completely different from another. One day I can be shooting a bachelor party in Amsterdam during a heavy storm when it’s raining cats and dogs and the tree branches are falling down and the next day I can be shooting a fashion collection in the Swiss mountains. So my work is always different and that’s what I like the most about it. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new, to see new places and meet new interesting people, to challenge myself as an artist and to see what I am capable of. So until now I still don’t know what kind of style in photography I love the most. But what I know is that I love to make people beautiful and bring their self esteem up to the sky.
For me as a photographer it is very important to stay on the same vibe, to get connected and to find a unique approach to every single person I work with. I try to open the most beautiful sides of every person – and most of the time my customers are not even aware they have such.
The most important thing for me is to make my clients happy with the photo shoot and I take great pleasure from seeing them astonished with the results. My work is a constant endeavour for the right, the matching style, and I am confident to know that this process shall not end. Once an artist is satisfied with each picture he creates, he will also stop developing and so not be able to fulfil his clients’ needs to the fullest.
Some of my projects are ways to express and understand myself better. Through the messages the pictures convey I am able to express emotions and that sometimes helps me to get over inner conflict or help healing still open wounds. Having such work exhibited in galleries and getting into touch with visitors, hearing their feedback and discussing the message of each picture, makes me realize how they draw on each and everyone’s emotions differently. And if one of them wakens the same emotions I felt when creating and developing them, I know that my mission is accomplished and that gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes my work seem worthwhile.
So to sum it up:
I am currently working as a freelance photographer in Amsterdam. My clients comprise fashion designers, clothing brands, DJs, singers and actors, but most of all: people like you and I. People that simply want to have beautiful pictures of themselves or their beloved.