Welcome to my website!
My name is Aleksandra. I am a photographer based in Amsterdam and Hamburg and I offer multiple photography services ranging from portrait, fashion and wedding, to glamour and beauty – near and abroad.
In every human being is hidden beauty and my task as a photographer is to explore it, bring it forward and capture the perfect moment in the best way possible. Thinking about lighting, composition, hair, attitude, angle, that look in your eyes and your beautiful smile – all that is my job.
I love to get to know people and discover them in a deeper and more personal manner during my photo shoots. I work with various make-up artists, hair stylists and general stylists and as a team we can create every look you desire (please check my portfolio for references).
If you have any questions or you want to book a photo shoot with me right away, kindly send me an email or simply call my number, which you can find in the contact section.